Crypto Risk Analysis Reports

SupraFin’s crypto research explains all of the risks related to a cryptocurrency based on our risk framework used for SupraFin’s crypto risk scores. Clients can select the universe of cryptocurrencies they want to buy SupraFin’s crypto research.

It can be used for UK compliance with cryptoasset due diligence, to understand how to reduce crypto risk, for market natural strategies, to educate traders, early crypto risk detection, and to know how to create better crypto baskets, etc.

Early Risk Detection and Accuracy of Risk Scores

SupraFin has been building its risk framework for crypto since Jan 2018. SupraFin’s risk scores used on the risk reports are comprehensive (as required by FCA’s financial promotions regime) and, for example, detected the risks (stability, token designed) that led to the collapse of the Terra/Luna/UST ecosystem and the FTT/FTX ecosystem.


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Use Cases

Compliance: Regulated exchanges, payment companies, and financial institutions that offer crypto to their clients need to assess the riskiness of cryptocurrencies for compliance purposes (customer protection). SupraFin’s crypto research provides crypto compliance intelligence. Currently, all cryptoasset companies selling in the UK must perform due diligence on the cryptoassets they list so that they can understand the risk of each cryptoasset and create financial promotions that are fair and not misleading.

Crypto ETP construction: Companies creating crypto ETPs can use SupraFin’s crypto investment/risk scores and crypto research as additional selection criteria.

Crypto for Retail: Companies that offer cryptocurrencies to their retail client base can use SupraFin’s crypto research to help their customers assess the riskiness of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto investment selection: Crypto funds/hedge funds and investment groups can use SupraFin’s crypto research as an additional source of crypto intelligence.

Crypto risk management: Any risk group that deals directly with crypto (payments companies, funds, custodians, exchanges, etc.) or indirectly (groups that assess the risk of companies involved with crypto) can leverage SupraFin’s crypto research for risk assessment of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto trading teams and market makers at investment banks or crypto exchanges: Traders always want more smart information and data on anything they trade. SupraFin’s crypto research provides traders with much-needed crypto intelligence.

Government financial stability surveillance: Regulators responsible for assessing financial stability in a region that needs to evaluate the riskiness of cryptocurrencies can leverage SupraFin’s crypto research.

Ideal Clients 

  • Regulators
  • Crypto ETP creators
  • Investment managers that invest in crypto
  • Asset managers that invest in crypto
  • Risk managers that assess crypto or crypto companies
  • Fund managers that invest in crypto
  • Family offices that invest in crypto
  • Crypto traders/market makers
  • Fintech companies that offer crypto to their clients
  • Payment companies that deal with crypto
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Financial institutions that offer crypto to their clients