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The Global Vetted Token & Crypto-Asset Management Platform

SupraFin Benefits

The Crowd


Customers (people from the crowd that hold SupraFin tokens) can create and manage a diversified global portfolio of cryptocurrencies



Ventures / projects can access global cryptocurrency holders and can create their own tokens.



Everyone has access to an ecosystem that emphasizes transparency and eliminates fraud.

The best venture tokens in

The SupraFin Platform

SupraFin is the Global Vetted Token and Crypto-Assset Management Platform for the cryptocurrency industry that levers the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, two of the most disruptive technologies.

SupraFin’s mission is to democratize cryptocurrency portfolio management by helping the individual from the global crowd create and manage a diversified global portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

A secondary mission of SupraFin is to democratize the flow of capital through its portfolio selection process of vetted ventures with disruptive innovations from anywhere in the world.

The SupraFin platform brings transparency, scams elimination, simplicity, and automation for the benefit of the people. The platform offers exclusive benefits to SupraFin token holders (customers), including ability to create, monitor and manage a global portfolio of cryptocurrencies (tokens from vetted ventures / projects from anywhere in the world and other cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTH, XLM, NEO, etc.).

  • Customization: the SupraFin platform can be customized to fit the customer’s preferences.
  • Transparency: customers can see the actual cryptocurrencies in their portfolios (no funds with small footprints) and the relevant due-diligence on venture tokens.
  • Scams elimination: customers can access vetted venture tokens when creating their cryptocurrency portfolios.
  • Proprietary algorithms: the SupraFin platform benefits from proprietary portfolio construction, monitoring and management algorithms that include rating arbitrage and portfolio optimization.
  • Customer focused: the SupraFin platform focuses on providing great customer experience by empowering the SupraFin customer to build a diversified global portfolio of cryptocurrencies at a click of a button.
  • Automation: customers can automate partially or completely the portfolio management of their cryptocurrency portfolio.

SupraFin Airdrop

SupraFin is doing an Airdrop (free SupraFin tokens) to build its community and will distribute SupraFin tokens to participants that register below and that join its Telegram group. Don’t worry if you don’t have a wallet to receive ERC20 tokens yet.

Feel free to contact us for more information on SupraFin. Email: contact@suprafin.io


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Meet the CEO

14th March 2018

Digital Asset Investment Forum in Seoul
Liliana participated in a Blockchain panel and also presented the concept behind SupraFin at TokenSky.

28th March 2018

Blockchain, AI and Boutique Asset Management in London
Liliana participated in a panel for New City Initiative that discussed the potential impact of Blockchain and AI on the UK boutique asset management industry. 

5th June 2018

Global Female Leaders event in Berlin
Liliana lead a think tank session titled: “How the Blockchain Technology is Transforming Business and Society”.

6th June 2018 

Liliana discussed FinTech’s emerging trends: the Blockchain and SupraFin’s role in the nascent ICO industry.

7th June 2018 

Liliana presented on “The ICO & Blockchain Industries Disrupting the Equity Industry” 

12th June 2018

Digital Asset Investment Forum in Beijing
Liliana was invited to discuss the Blockchain innovation ecosystem and global collaboration

26th June 2018

Malta Business Network UK Discusses Blockchain
Liliana discussed Blockchain, SupraFin and utility tokens.

The Team

Liliana Reasor

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur and visionary with 20 years of FinTech and investment banking experience at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Moody’s Analytics. Expertise in business strategy, business due-diligence, and capital markets. MBA from UCLA and an MS in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon.

Shachindra Nath

Chief Digital Officer

Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in rich internet applications and enterprise software for finance companies, advertising agency groups, and consumer goods and retail payments companies. PhD research in Human-Computer Interaction and MA in Communication Design from University of the Arts London.

Andrew Wright

Chief Technology Officer Advisor

Director at Thomas Murray Systems with 20 years of experience in strategy consulting and delivering technology-driven services for the financial services sector. MBA from UCLA.

Keith Teare

ICO Advisor

Serial entrepreneur, investor of international renown, and ICO advisor. Founded Archimedes Labs (Palo Alto incubator); TechCrunch (sold to AOL in 2010); RealNames (which raised $130m in Venture Capital); Easynet (sold to BSkyB after its IPO and full LSE listing); and what is today Clerkswell (sold to NetB2B2). Executive Chair at ADV, a UK investment company for startups.

Xiaochen Zhang

Global ICO Advisor

Founder of FinTech4Good and Blockchain Frontier Group and ICO Advisor to many blockchain ventures. Advised on innovation, emerging technologies, and investment at World Bank and UN.

Jonathon Read

Board Advisor

Jonathon is a senior level executive with board level advisory and strategic experience. Heavily involved with Blockchain initiatives as professor and as Head of Policy of New City Initiatives for small asset managers. Many years of experience in the financial services industry in emerging markets (Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Chao Gao (Soso)

Asia & Blockchain Advisor

Serial entrepreneur. Founder of ZOS (Blockchain for finance) and NewPay in China. Set up FinePay in Singapore, which provides payment, cross-border remittance services for global gaming companies. 17 years of financial technology experience. Former executive of listed companies.

Our Partners

Our partner for the SupraFin Wallet

Our FinTech ecosystem partner in Asia

Our Blockchain think tank partner (helping set the standards in the Bockchain industry)