Crypto WealthTech Platform for Organizations

SupraFin’s crypto wealthtech solution provides crypto selection, portfolio recommendations, and rebalancing based on our proven crypto investment/risk models focused on the short, medium, and long term.

Intelligent Crypto Investment Algorithms

SupraFin’s wealthtech solution uses smart crypto investment algorithms in the background that assess the relative value of thousands of cryptocurrencies and recommends the most appropriate as part of a diversified portfolio based on the client’s risk profile preferences.

  • Each crypto portfolio can be tailored to meet the client’s risk profile.
  • Clients can accept portfolio recommendations, choose from recommended cryptocurrencies or let our algorithms trade their portfolio.

Crypto Exchange and Custodian Agnostic

SupraFin’s wealthtech solution can be integrated into any crypto exchange and custodian of your choice.

Performance of SupraFin Recommended Portfolios

Note: past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Use Cases

  • White label solution for businesses with retail clients,
  • Crypto portfolio recommendation API based on your client’s risk preferences integrated into your front-end solution
  • Front-end solution as a crypto investment app or web solution integrated into a crypto exchange and custodian of your choice.
  • Crypto recommendation API to be used in the crypto investment management process.

Ideal Clients 

  • Retail Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Family Offices
  • Non-crypto Robo-Advisors
  • WealthTech Platforms
  • FinTech Companies integrated into retail banks


In 2022, SupraFin was selected as the WealthTech Blockchain & Crypto winner for the Americas by WealthBriefing.


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